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This fun pizza set can be used for so many things. Includes: 1- 10.5" dough, 1-9.5" red sauce, 5 Green Pepers, 5 Black Olives, 5 Purple Onions, 5 Yellow Pineapples, 5 brown sausage, 5 White Mushrooms and 1 Block of Cheese. 28 Precut felt pieces and 4 page lesson guide included.

PIck up an empty clean pizza box from your local pizza place. Glue some black felt to the lid of the pizza box. Store your pizza in the box and use the lid for the flannelboard.  Can be used for counting, color recognition, fun play, food familiarity and lots of others!

Some of the activities included in the lesson guide:



(Sung to B-I-N-G-O)

There is a food I love to eat

And Pizza is its name-o.




And Pizza is its name-o.


Repeat leaving the Psilent.

Repeat leaving the P-Isilent.

Repeat leaving the P-I-Zsilent.

Repeat leaving the P-I-Z-Zsilent.

Repeat leaving the P-I-Z-Z-Asilent.


Pizza, Pizza What Do You See?

Pizza dough, Pizza dough what do you see? (put up beige dough)

I see red sauce covering me.


Red sauce, Red sauce, what do you see? (Add Red Sauce)

I see white mushrooms being added to me.


White mushrooms, white mushrooms what do you see?

I see black olives right next to me.


Black olives, black olives, what do you see?

I see brown sausage that looks good to me.


Brown sausage, brown sausage, what to you see?

I see Green peppers next to me.


Green Peppers, Green peppers, what do you see?

I see purple onions that look good to me.


Purple onions, purple onions, what do you see?

I see yellow pineapple next to me.


Yellow Pineapple, Yellow Pineapple, What do you see?

I see orange cheese covering me.


Orangecheese, orange cheese, what do you see?

I see a yummy pizza that looks good to me.


Yummy pizza, yummy pizza what do you see?

I see hungry children THAT ARE GOING TO EAT ME!


  • Manufacturer: Little Folk Visuals

Pizza, Pizza What Do You See? felt figures for flannelboard prec

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